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New York CIty Questions

Hey! I'm hoping anyone from New York City could help me with these. if so THANK YOU

Setting-Jan. 2000. 

Already googled-town near new york, new york suburbs, etc

basically im asking about school trips, new york city nicknames, neighborhoods, and the move from big city to small town


First off, I need a neighborhood or town or part of the city for my character to live. I'd like "bob" and his parents to live in their own house, not an apartment. They're upper-middle class, dad's an accountant, mom's a professor. Also, if at all possible, I'd really like it not to be in NJ. (I know that's strange, but it's nescesary) They have to live close enough to the city for Bob to spend a lot of time in it, but can live probably up to a two hour commute from it.



What do people from the area of NYC and surrounding places refer to it as? I'm guessing they call it by respective parts, i.e. "Queens" instead of calling it all New York, but I have no real clue.



This is more of a personal experience question. "Bob" and "Mindy" are both from the NYC area, possibly from different parts. Anyway, they meet up in Boringville, a town with a population of  20,000 . The town has some business, a college, and a law school, so it's not like they're in a farm, but it's still pretty remote. Shopping=walmart. Anyway, what would they find different, beside the obvious. I'm looking for little things for them to complain about, like the lack of good take-out, no cab service, stuff like that. If you have either moved from small town into NYC or vice versa, please, share your stories.



Do the surrounding area schools make "field trips" into the city? For example, would it be out-of-the-question for a teacher to take the kids on a bus to the Met? This would be in pre-9/11 times, if that matters.

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