made of sea and sunlight (hagar_972) wrote in little_details,
made of sea and sunlight

High School graduation in 2003 California

Setting: California, summer 2003, public high school.

Googled: various combinations of the following terms - California, graduation, high school, date.

Also searched the community tags.

What I need to know:
(1) When is high school graduation likely to occur? I understand that this depends on a vast amount of factors - even knowing what month would be very helpful.
(2) When are finals compared to graduation? How long are finals? Are classes let out for finals and if so for how long? (All characters are seniors.)
(3) What is the last possible date to send out college applications? Again - something like "middle of June" is about the level of accuracy I need.

Much thanks!

ETA: got everything I need. Thank you guys!
Tags: usa: california, usa: education: high school

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