Wicked Writing Wench (perverted_pages) wrote in little_details,
Wicked Writing Wench

Liquid latex: personal experiences

Location: Desert (Location has never been more specifically named and probably never will be.)
Era: Present
Search Methods: Google (Liquid latex, "liquid latex", liquid latex +wearing) Wiki (Liquid latex) kinky chat rooms on IRC (And boy did I get a lot of offers for not what I was looking for.) Unfortunately since it's a kinky product I get product ads instead of what I need. (If any of you have better search strings please feel free to share, my google-fu is weak)

Mostly, I'm looking for personal experiences. Ways that it went bad, ways it went good, how it actually feels to have it removed, or painted on, what kind of prep you did to keep it from ripping out hair and skin, how it felt to move while wearing it (did it bunch up at all, make it hard to move, pull, rip?) Does it dribble and drip? How do you clean the foam brush? How long is it "viable" before it starts to peel away on its own? All those kinds of things.

If you would feel more comfortable talking about personal experiences about this (since it's not always something people want shared with the world) feel free to add me to your MSN messenger ( perverted.pages at gmail dot com ) or e-mail me directly (same address).

I know sex while wearing it is usually fairly uncomfortable to the one not wearing it (since it catches and pulls on the skin) but I also know people that really wouldn't mind that discomfort, but that's really about all I've found. I think chatting it up with people who've tried it themselves will probably be the only way I can get answers to my questions.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I promise to keep confidential sources confidential.
Tags: ~sex

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