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Civilian/Officer Fraternization Policies, USAF

Setting: modern day, looking for existing, real-world USAF policy on unprofessional relationships between officers and civilians under their direct command.

Cross-posted to military_beta last night, but so far no dice.

Already googled: "air force" +policy +civilians, "air force" +policy +civilians +fraternization, +embedded, and a few other variations.

I am looking for a specific United States Air Force policy that would prohibit an officer from engaging in a sexual (hetero - "don't ask, don't tell" doesn't apply, and both are single, so no adultery charges) relationship with a civilian contractor in the same work unit (yeah, yeah, another Stargate question!). The fraternization policies I've found refer to inappropriate enlisted/officer relationships, but I definitely need something more specific to civilians. I figure there has to be a written policy that covers embedded reporters and contractors in a war zone, or something of the sort.

The characters involved aren't mine so I can't change the scenario (this is an RP situation, I'm helping their CO with some research), and are a USAF 1st Lt. and a civilian diplomat.

Any help?
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