Shanghai Jim (shanghai_jim) wrote in little_details,
Shanghai Jim

Vermont dairy farm in winter

Setting: Vermont, United States
Time: 1941, but not necessarily specific

My character is an 18-year-old boy living on the small dairy farm operated by his parents. I want him to be out in the woods/fields on a Sunday afternoon in 1941. It's one of those winter days where it's possible to enjoy yourself outside despite the cold, if you've got the constitution and mindset. My question: can I have him pasturing the cows, or are they shut up during this season? I'm a city boy and my searches have turned up studies from agricultural universities far too advanced for my simple situation.

If it's not possible for him to be out with the cows at around 3 PM on a Sunday afternoon in December 1941, I'll find another reason, I just currently have him showing the "ladies" the winter pasture. Gracias.

Searches: winter + pasture + dairy; winter + pasture + cows; Vermont + dairy + winter
Tags: usa: vermont, ~agriculture

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