Sex and a dog-eared paperback dictionary (redcoast) wrote in little_details,
Sex and a dog-eared paperback dictionary

Building boomtowns in the 1870s

I know that the gold deposits was discovered in South Dakota in November 1875, and by 1876 Deadwood looked like this. Obviously it doesn't take a long time for one of these gold-fueled mining towns to spring up, but I haven't been able to find out how long.

I'm writing about a fictional town rather like Deadwood in the Black Hills in South Dakota. I need to know how long, precisely, it would take to build one, so I can work backwards and figure out when it would have been founded. How much time would it take to build a typical structure there? How many resources would you have to import?

I Googled things like "Deadwood building" (didn't work out), boomtowns, gold rush boomtowns, construction.
Tags: usa (misc), ~architecture

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