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Drugs Found In USA Military First Aid Kits!

Okay folks here we go again.

In a multinational civilian expedition, one of their scientists is about to be sent to a possible hostile situation were they have both friendlies and enemies there. This situation is set on another planet, and the military escorts are of the United States Air Force and Marines, current times. Though they don't know who is who. He can't take any weapons with him other than a couple of knives. So the Doctor of the team gives him several hypodermical needles filled with various things. 

I tried looking for it in google under first aid kits and drugs in first air kits  and military first aid but it didn't give me the information I was looking for.

So what I need is to know what kind of drugs can be found in a military field first aid kit that can knock out or maim a person. The names, side affects and the what they are used for is what I'm looking for.

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, this is Stargate Atlantis and it's Doctor McKay is being sent and this is Season 4. Thank you! Help much appreciated!

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