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comparing a fictional writer to real ones to make a plot point

This is a question for literary types out there please.

I'm writing a short story based in the UK, one of the characters is an up-and-coming author who has just won the Costa. Contemporary time frame.

There are some themes in the story that I want to be echoed by this author's subject matter. He is Irish, by the way. These themes are:

colonialism, disenfranchisement, recovery of national identity/recovery of native cultural forms, resistance.

and conversely, contemporary cultural and social alienation due to modernity, fracturing communities, globalisation etc. A slightly different type of alienation than the post-colonial kind.

So I have this author being compared to, on the one hand, James Stephens and Flann O'Brien, and on the other hand, Pasternak. I'm not sure if the analogies make sense! Help, please. Are these comparisons at all plausible? Any suggestions? I think the Irish references are fine but not sure who to compare him to in terms of more contemporary alienation.

Thanks in advance

E.T.A. the main focus of the question is on whether it's plausible to compare him to these various quite different authors at the same time - is the combination plausible, can people imagine what that book would be like?

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