itsjustaname (itsjustaname) wrote in little_details,

Good places to kill time in London

Time: present day
Location: London, England

I'm writing a story and I want my main character (female) to while away an evening in a coffee bar or pub or any place where they can be sat indoors and stay for an evening without having to spend a lot of money. I want it to be a quiet place and generally a nice place to be on your own and undisturbed. Ideally, but not necessarily, with a view or things to look out of the window at. My character is trying to figure some things out so she's just going to be sitting gazing rather vacantly into space thinking about things.

I live in London, but can't afford to visit every single coffee house in the city looking for somewhere that fits the bill and it's not really Google-able as I'm looking for personal recommendations really.

Any suggestions?

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