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Cleaning a Sword After a Battle

Is there anyone who knows anything about swords and how quickly they should be cleaned?

My character has killed a few people indoors with a sabre and then he decides to carry something heavy (a child actually) and needs both hands to do it. What does he do with his blade? He can't just leave it lying around, because he won't be able to return there and that particular sabre is needed later in the story.

But if a blade can really be cleaned by just swinging it once with a sharp motion, the rest of this post is not needed, because he'll have both the space and time to do that.

My original plan was for him to sheath the sabre uncleaned and lift the child up. However, the blade is bloody. Does he need to get a new scabbard after this stunt? Does sheathing a bloody sword destroy the scabbard? He'll have time to clean the blade after approximately half an hour of hauling the child around. Is there anyway to clean the inside of the sheath, too?

The material of neither the shield nor the blade is vital to the story line, so if some material a sheath can be made of would stand the blood for that crucial half an hour, informing me would be pure kindness.

The story is set in an alternative universe (no magic, though), so giving an exact year wouldn't help. I was mostly thinking of society resembling the Middle Ages (about 1000-1200 AD), so they certainly don't have modern sword maintenance kits at hand!

Searched (in vain): sword sheathing / bloody sword / sword blood sheathing / bloody sword cleaning / sword blood cleaning / sword cleaning sword


ETA: Thanks for all the wonderful advice and tips! You have helped a lot and given me many useful ideas.

Tags: ~weapons: swords

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