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Victim of theft during a holiday

Last time you gave me brilliant advices for my fic, so I figured I'd ask you once again.

Modern time setting, my main character is turning back home [Newark, NJ] on New Years Eve, but his flight gets canceled due to bad weather, and while he's waiting at the airport [O'Hare, Chicago], somebody steals both his wallet and cell. I basically need to know what happens next, after he files a police report. How is he supposed to turn back home, since he has no money, no flight ticket and no mobile anymore? Is there any 'standard procedure' when such things happen?

I tried to search the community archive and to google various combinations of words [to mention some, 'theft', 'stolen wallet', 'police procedure'], but of course with no luck.

ETA: Hey, you're awesome ♥ thank you!
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc)

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