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Experience of broken pelvis

Since I have received brilliant advice/info/experience from this community, I shall try again and be hopeful, because I cannot find the pertinent information anywhere.

My character, male, has a broken pelvis, a stable fracture, which was aggravated and untreated for a period of time, thus he requires surgery, when he gets to medical care, but all is as well as can be. So far so bad, and I found a lot of information on the net. As to type, pain, treatment, care, reconvalescence, drugs, physio, etc etc etc, so this has all been settled. What I am after, though, is what does it feel like.

Especially, how does one sleep? Only on the back? How far does one manage to walk with crutches, how painful is it to sit for extended periods of time? How difficult is it to get in and out of bed, sofa, car, etc.

And as for sexual activities, I assume 'lay back and enjoy the kingdom' (loosely paraphrased for my nefarious purposes ;-) is possible, but anything else, I wonder, would be too painful? The jostling of the pelvis, I mean, and the possible movement of legs.

I have been googling, wikipediaing, technorating, and a few other places, but I cannot find anything of the little details that I need to make the character's experience real.

I'd be ever so grateful for any and all experiences, hearsay, ideas, thoughts.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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