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SAE/rape kits and police involvement

okay, a few questions. with a bit of background to help explain the situation.

I'm writing a story where character A, we'll call him Jack to make it easy, gets kidnapped outside a bar one evening. He wasn't realized as missing for several hours, it took three days for his car to be found, and he was knocked unconscious from behind before he could fight back or even know what was going on, so the police didn't really have much evidence to go on. The case eventually goes inactive, pushed aside for other cases.

Somewhere about five to seven months later, I haven't yet fixed a concrete time, investigators are working on another kidnapping that they think is unrelated, when they find Jack. The abducter fled two days ago, having gotten tipped off beforehand. Jack's not in the best shape, but he's alive. Jack also was raped, among other things, shortly before his abductor panicked and fled. Now, the questions.

The police, of course, are going to take Jack to a hospital. What I'm trying to work out is how exactly the SAE kit would work. Would it be done automatically in a situation like this, even if the police don't really have good reason to suspect sexual assault? Or would they need Jack's informed consent?

If it isn't automatically done, and assuming Jack consents to it, what would then happen to the kit? everything I've managed to find on google suggests that the kit is handed over to a forensics lab/police, but those were all cases where the victim reported the rape him/herself.

The thing is, Jack works with the people who rescued him, and he doesn't want them to know he's been raped, so if he decided not to... report it, as it were, would the kit still have to be handed over to the police to preserve the chain of evidence, or would it be kept in the hospital? if it was able to be kept in the hospital and the police weren't informed of it ever being taken, would the chain still be preserved, if Jack later decided to officially report it?

Also, should mention, because states probably have differing procedures, this takes place in Nevada, USA.

I've tried googling a bit, but I can't really think of some good terms that would get me the information I want. I've searched for "sae kit" "sae kit police involvement" "sexual assault evidence kit" "sexual assault evidence kit procedure" "rape +kit +procedure" and "rape +kit +police +nevada" but most of what I come up with is how the exam itself is done, which I already knew, and that it's handed over to the police because the victim has decided to report the rape. I've also dug through the tags a bit here in the community, and didn't really come up with what I was wondering, either.

so any help or any suggestions to search would be most welcome!
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~sexual abuse & assault

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