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Scarring and Birth Certificates

Okay, two questions.

1) Character A has a rather large diamond shaped scar on her shoulder. During a fight the scar is slashed open. How easily does scar tissue re-heal? Would it change the shape/look of the original scar? If it means anything, she's had the original scar for about fifteen years. Also, would it hurt any more/less than if it were a new wound? The setting is futuristic, but I don't know that that's even important.
googled: scar tissue, healing scar tissue, reopening scars. I get a lot of info about first time scars, but that's not what I need.

2) Switch gears to another time and place. Character B has a rotten life. He's been born and his parents don't have a name for him. What does the hospital put on his birth certificate? Do they give him a number? Write "Baby Boy"? Leave it blank? And how does the person go about actually having his name put on a birth certificate (his parents never have it done)? Is this even a possibility? The setting is modern, Upper Midwest, big city.
googled: birth certificates, birth names

EDIT: Thanks, Guys! I've got what I need!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~names

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