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Course Outline for a Stanford Soc Major

I have a character who is a junior at Stanford in 2003. She's a sociology major who occasionally takes art classes on the side. I'm trying to figure out what classes she should or might be taking for her junior and senior years as an undergrad. I would prefer answers specific to Stanford if possible.

I have searched: Stanford Sociology "Course Schedule", Stanford Sociology "Class Schedule", SUSE Sociology "Class Schedule", Stanford Sociology Undergrad and a few other terms that I just can't remember now. I've also plowed through the Standford site until I felt like I was about to go blind only to find a few classes that are required but nothing like what I'm looking for.

Edit: Sorry, I didn't explain correctly above. I know what classes she should be taking as a Soc major, I'm looking for the order she might want to take them in. Right now as far as that goes I only know the basics, 101 freshman year, the one that says "junior/senior seminar" in junior or senior year, etc.
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