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Self-Eye Removal by Hand

Okay. I have searched far and wide, using every configuration and version of the words gouge, eyes, hand, remove that I can come up with. I got a nice pamphlet on how to gouge out your own eyes, but it wasn't that helpful for doing so by hand. (No, really. Odd pamphlet.) I am also getting frequent pollution from the obvious turn of phrase. This is killing my chances, so I turn to you. You guys were very helpful with the wall-slamming.

I have a character who basically can see the face of an evil god. She has Moses syndrome, more or less. People can't see her face and are forced to avert their eyes. A seer sees her. His gift... well, he sees the evil god's face and in a fit of madness, destroys his eyes with his bare hands.

I mean bare hands. He's in a frenzy, and he frankly startled the hell out of everyone around him. Reaction would have been delayed at best.

How much damage is possible to the eyes, using just the hands? I mean, how much would he be able to get out? How damaged would the eyelids be? (He probably had them squeezed shut at the same time.) What do you think might happen to the area around the eyes, and what would it look like?

I can clarify anything that you guys think is needed. I will say that it's a more or less fantasy-medieval setting with magic and he got help very rapidly, but that would be one wildly nasty injury. It's in the aftermath of a battle. He's a healer. He was probably helping someone else at the time. You do the math. Eugh.

Also, how would something like that be treated? I mean, there's magic, but it's a battlefield and all they have are basic grunt-medics. He's the big healer and he's... out of his mind at the time. They could maybe salvage some of the eyelids and him end up with..... a patchwork of stitches, with or without something inside the socket to keep its shape... ew. They have "decent" medicine, though. Examples from the Greeks or the Medieval times, maybe Renaissance?

Bah, wish I was better at wording stuff. Anyways, discuss!
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