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japanese hospitals

I am currently trying (key word trying, as I am currently having a bad case of writer's block, and I only have one paragraph so far ; ;) to write an elfen lied fanfic. It is an AU-ish fic in which the character Mariko survived the explosion that was supposed  to kill her. I have a chapter set in a hospital planed out, but I am not sure which hospital would be the correct one to use.

Basicly, we are talking major mutilating injuries (In my storry, she survived only because some of the bombs had their detonators damaged, but the bombs in her legs still exploded, leading to her legs basicly being blown off) that were only survived due to the fact that she basicly managed to stop the bleeding by crushing the arteries closed with her vectors (basicly, psychic arms for those who do not know the series) while she was in shock (due to the diclonius not being able to use their vectors while in pain).

What I want to know what hospital that has a major childrens ward that can cater to major injuries is nearest to the city of kamakura. The main reason I want to know is so that I can get a better idea of how to get her to that area so that she will not be recognised as a diclonius by the authorities in kamakura. So if there is anyone who has seen the series (and also has experience with the manga, as I am making a mixed anime/manga-verse, as the leadup works better for the basic background that I need, but the later events and manga exclusive characters are needed for my story to work well, so dont worry if the possible method would conflict in a small way).

I will thank you for any help you can give me, as I realy want to get this story out, but this one part of the start is eludeing me and is making me angry.

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