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Mexican social customs

When: way the heck far in the future

Who: a tight-knit community of ten thousand aboard a generation ship, all descended from people from the Yucatan peninsula.

Situation: Readers' digest version is that the MC (a priest) has seriously offended his sister-in-law (his brother's wife -- brother is deceased and she lives with his parents) by generally neglecting his parents for years, and not only isn't there when his father dies, but misses his dad's funeral (he had very good reasons for being distracted, all hell is breaking loose).

Sister-in-law snaps and as a way of getting back at the MC, hurries her son's wedding so not only will the MC not be able to go, he doesn't even find out about the wedding taking place until after the fact.

Question: what's the social consequences of all this to the sister in law and the son? I would imagine with the research I've done so far that the friends of the family at least are going to be pissed that the MC wasn't invited. Would there be a disruption, either during the wedding or afterwards? Any anger directed at the official presiding over the wedding? Is this family going to be ostracized?

Any information appreciated.

ETA: their religion is a mix of Roman Catholicism and the Mayan pantheon. The community reveres the MC (he's the only priest on the ship) and the sister in law twisted the arm of his assistant (sort of their deacon) to get him to do the ceremony.

I'd forgotten about the bride's parents; I might have to add some circumstances so that they would go along with this... >.>

ETA2: I'm thinking (after reading the comments) that the original situation might be too implausible to use, and showing the wedding/funeral might be better, especially in light of things that happen later.

You all have been incredibly helpful!
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