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Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and DYFS

This is for a House, M.D. fan fiction where, the character in question, is a teenager on the Oncology ward, who has been there for an extended period of time. She suffers from Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and has for a very long time. She is under DYFS care for unspecified reasons.

I googled, WebMd'd and read about the disease in the AMA Medical Encyclopedia, though I still have a few questions.

- Is it possible for the disease to show up in a young child (think seven-years-old) ?
- I've read that the disease can come back repeatedly. Is it possible/believable for it to have enough of an effect to require almost constant hospital care for a very long time (nine-ten years)? If not, what kinds of cancer are believable in that sort of situation? Or, is it totally unbelievable?
-Are there treatments for first-third stage Non-Hodgkin's that don't involve hair loss? I know chemo and radiation are used in treating the disease.
- What kind of tests are the "norm" for someone diagnosed with the disease? (i.e. blood work, CT/MRI/X-Rays, etc.)
-What effect would Appendicitis (and the ensuing surgery) have on someone suffering from Non-Hodgkin's, specifically a teenager?
- What would the schooling situation be like for someone in this situation?
- Would a patient be in a hospital gown 24/7, or would they be allowed to wear their own clothes?

Googled the aforementioned phrase and didn't find a lot.

- Where would the minor in question stay? With a foster family or as an in-patient?
- Who serves to make medical decisions a parent would make?
- Anything special for holidays/birthdays? Or, is that the discretion of the Drs., Nurses, or potential foster family?
- Does a child in DYFS necessarily HAVE a foster family?
- What kind of transportation arrangements might there be, both to/from the hospital, as well as more "teenage" things like the mall, stores, etc. ?
- What kind of "gadgets" (iPod, Camera, Laptop) might a foster kid have? I'm assuming it's all dependent on foster family, but please correct me if this is wrong.
- Any additional information you might have.

Random questions: Average age of an Oncology fellow? (From my knowledge of med school and training, I think it's around twenty-eight, but I don't want to sound foolish.)

Do doctors really refer to each other by their last names? (Here, my research extends only to various medical dramas.)

Thanks in advance!
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