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Proper Military Term US Air Force


Okay, last time I tried this I drove half of you mad for not being more specific, well, here's the exact thing I need.


An expedition to another Galaxy, Stargate Atlantis for those that know the show. It's civilian led but military protected. Okay, here's the thing, for most of the time of the expedition, a Lt. Colonel has been the military commander of the base. The civilian head, has been recently replaced with a military one, though not in that capacity. That person is in charge of the whole expedition. Military and scientific alike. So, the military head goes on missions to other planets with a civilian team, mostly to form alliences and interchange of goods. For the last two planets they have gone, they have been practically throw off at gun point, or spear point. The Civilian commander is a little annoyed with this fact, so in a non-to-serious-way, she gives the Lt. Colonel, she being a Colonel, some meaningless duty to inspire him to be more careful with his negotiating. 

The expedition has both United States marines and air force among their ranks, though both the Colonel leader of the expedition and the military commander are both Air Force. I need to correct terminalogy for doing endless paperwork, inventory or train the newbies. Something the Lt. Colonel would mention to another officer. Here's the paragraph that I need it for:

Men, women, and others that could be one or both, milled through the place. Eating, drinking, mostly talking, and it’s the latter that really interested him. So okay, this was probably not his brightest idea, just a way to shut McKay up and pay him back for all the KP (something else) he’d had to perform after their latest fubar. But taking a good look at the “competition” and their escorts, he was seriously reconsidering this idea. 

Thank you for your help!

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