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Dublin ferries

Setting: Not-too-distant future, Dublin.

I'm currently hung up on a scene where a character is supposed to be catching the ferry to Holyhead from Dublin (as a foot passenger, no car). In fact, the way the scene goes now, he doesn't get on the boat because he thinks he sees someone he knows outside the terminal in the parking lot and winds up running around the area trying to catch up to them (there is magic involved, it's not quite that straightforward, but it'll do...) Eventually, I need to provide them with a somewhat private/out-of-sight area where they can talk. Later still, other characters who are on their way to the ferry need to be able to run into the first two characters, although I haven't decided yet if that's best accomplished at the terminal itself or somewhere else.

I've looked at the Dublin Port homepage, which was somewhat helpful, especially as far as what the terminal itself looks like, and also googled for 'dublin port', 'dublin ferry terminal', 'dublin ferry', 'dublin quay', as well as looking at the area on Google Maps. But I was hoping that someone would be able to help me with fleshing out the description of the area around the terminal and a bit further afield (on the map, I'm looking at somewhere around Tolka Quay Road/Alexandra Road, if that helps). Right now I'm envisioning it as industrial wasteland, because that's sort of what it looks like from the satellite images, but I know those can be deceptive. What I'm wondering is, how run down is it, how busy, how tight is security in that area, that sort of thing. Any noteworthy smells, sounds, sights that I could include in this scene? There appear to be train tracks, do freight trains run there regularly? What does the water look like? Would it be unusual for someone to be walking/running about in that area, or would it attract attention? Is there somewhere that would be reasonably private where my characters could talk (like, an alley or something would be okay, it doesn't have to be inside or anything...)? Anything else that you can think of would be helpful?

Thanks in advance :)
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