Esther-Channah (dragonbat2006) wrote in little_details,

Burial requests--Present Day United States and United Kingdom

A British national (formerly of England) with no living relatives arrives in the USA on a work visa. He subsequently acquires US citizenship while retaining dual citizenship with the UK. Approximately 30 years later, he dies, to all intents and purposes either intestate, or at least without leaving instructions as to his burial. He is buried in the USA.

Approximately 2 years later, a will comes to light in which the deceased had asked to be buried in the UK.

At this stage, can this be done? How likely is it that it would be done? If it can be, what steps are involved? And if a close friend is opposed to the disinterment and reburial, can he do anything to stop it? 

I googled repatriation and reburial, but didn't find what I needed.


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