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ritual suicide?

Terms searched: (ritual suicide) (ritual suicide -seppuku) (ritual suicide -seppuku -japan) (sinbad) (matiricide ritual) (uxoricide) (uxoricide ritual) (retainer sacrifice) (ritual suicide demonic) (retainer sacrifice family)

Strange as it may seem, I'm looking for some kind of ritualised suicide method from anywhere, anytime, that follows from one's spouse/life partner dying. I've been looking for more information on the tradition from the tale of Sinbad, in which he was buried alive with his wife as per the customs of the country, but the closest I've found to that was the Egyptian theory of taking servants/family etc. into the afterlife (e.g. retainer sacrifice). Origin doesn't matter and if it sends readers scrambling for Google/ancient and dusty tomes it's even better.

So, I'm basically looking for a solo method of dispatch for my main character, who's preparing to die now that his life partner (would-be spouse if the laws allowed it and they were legally alive) has died, and is quite adamant that he's not going to "die of a broken heart" and would really, really, really prefer ending up in Hell. He's going to be alone and while nobody's going to be finding him, he needs to have a sure method of actually dying of something other than starvation and the ritual part would be something he'd think important, no matter where it came from. He's not overly concerned about honour, either, especially since his reputation is largely silent and unacknowledged.

[edit:] I'm looking for anything vaguely ritual + suicide with occult as a bonus, not just one person wanting to die because their spouse did - that's just background for why I'm looking for something a little less traditional. In the interests of finding something, rituals that don't have the following-spouse-into-the-afterlife aspect are just as welcome!
Tags: history (misc), ~religion & mythology (misc), ~suicide

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