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most influential/famous literature?

Setting: Modern-day America
Terms searched: none, since I'm looking for personal opinions/input

So, this is for a fanfic I'm planning in which Character was "magically" transported from his original fantasy world to good ol' Earth about oh, anywhere from three months to a year before this fic takes place (still trying to decide on the specific time frame). He's a very literary-minded fellow, so when he gets laid up with a pretty bad injury he decides it's a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with Earth-literature.

I was thinking that he's already read a couple of Shakespeare's plays and thumbed through some religious texts, but that's about it (he hasn't had much leisure time since he got to Earth, fighting bad guys and all XP).

My list of what he would read so far includes: Hemingway and the code hero/nada concept; Waiting for Godot/theatre of the absurd/existentialism in general; The Waste Land and The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock by T.S. Eliot; maybe Ayn Rand? But I was realizing that's a bit of a limited list as far as like, themes/literary movements goes.

So! Say this guy walks up to you and asks you for a list of the most famous/influential works/authors of all time. What would you suggest? Any genre or length is fine (I'm thinking there'll be a humorous part where he's trying to wrap his head around the Harry Potter phenomenon). Any country-of-origin is fine too, as long as there's been an English translation somewhere along the line. He's a good guy, though a little jaded and fairly melodramatic, if you think that matters at all.

I'm very curious to see what you guys will come up with. X3 Thanks in advance for any replies!

Edit: Golly, I went to watch Lost and when I came back a mini-explosion had occurred in my inbox. I've got some excellent ideas now, thanks everybody!

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