Anna (youngfreak92) wrote in little_details,

Obscure Disease?

I am writing a fanfiction for House MD, and unfortunately I have encountered a problem. In one of the scenes Dr. House is mocking a group of interns for not knowing/having heard of an ridiculously obscure and rare disease. Sadly, I know so little about medicine that I can't even say where the liver is located off-hand. I don't need more than a name of the disease, though a "category" would be nice (i.e. if it is a flesh-eating disease or a turning-your-lungs-to-stone disease or something like that). So, in short, my question is; What rare disease is it impossible for an intern to have heard of, unless they've been reading about obscure diseases on the side?
Thank you in advance.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order

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