star-crossed and starry-eyed (yourssincerely) wrote in little_details,
star-crossed and starry-eyed

Broomfield or Broomfields?

I'm writing an AU HP fic that is supposed to be set in a small town in England. Once I found the place I needed my fic to be set, I started trying to do some research about the town, and I have hit a snag.

I've only really found two sites so far that give me any sort of information about the place, and while one - a site that lists various hauntings (I needed a ghost, heh) - calls it Broomfield, the other - Wikipedia - calls it Broomfields. I've checked, and both sources say this particular town is located in Shropshire, so I know they aren't just referencing two different towns. (Unless there really is a Broomfield and a Broomfields in Shropshire, in which case I must say that that is very unfortunate.)

So what I need to know, dear detailers, is which one is located in Shropshire, England: Broomfield or Broomfields?

Also, if you could give me any information about the town, that would be fantastic. I haven't been able to find much of anything online, just real estate info and B&B accomodations (not that I'm surprised since it's supposed to be a very small town) and while I could just make it up, I'd prefer to have at least some facts. Anything you could give me - what it looks like, population, any landmarks - would be a big help.

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