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Science Fiction Torture Methods

Setting: Star Wars Galaxy, Pre-Empire, about 70 or so years before The Phantom Menace
Phrases Googled: torture, sophisticated torture, science fiction torture methods

This is my first post for an actual question into this community and I hope I'm doing this right. I've done a bit of research on my own but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for exactly.

I have a character who is basically the equivalent of a CIA agent Jedi. In this one scene I've been working on, he is captured in the course of duty during an undercover investigation into a mafia/crime ring Organization and they wish to find out how much he knows about them. Being he can use the Force to block pain, I do have that initial difficulty taken care of, but my question is what are some sophisticated torture methods that one might use with high tech equipment? The rack and beating methods do not appeal to my interrogator at all, but he's looking for something more sophisticated, and with a CIA Jedi type character, they likely also have back up training against truth serums, in the event that they're taken.

Any help and ideas are most appreciated. The idea of physical torture is okay in small doses, to my interrogator, but he recognizes that the mind is the greatest weapon and he does not wish the physical bone breaking/gore type torture to be the main affair.
Tags: ~torture

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