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Being taught foreign languages at a young age + accents?

Setting: About 12 years before present day, if it matters (in Europe)
Phrases Googled: 'effects of being taught another language +young +accent' and permutations thereof

I've got a character who's originally from Italy. When she's about three, she's kidnapped and raised by someone who speaks no Italian whatsoever - she speaks English and Greek by the time she's 14 (as she was raised in Greece and her 'father' is from America).
My question is - what kind of accent would she have when she's speaking English, if any? (She learns English before Greek, probably.) How about Greek? Would she still know any Italian without being taught, or would she forget all of it?

Also, a semi-related question - would it be plausible for her to not remember being kidnapped at that age? She can have vague impressions of it, but I don't want her to remember that it happened. I can push her age back if it  helps- I just don't want anyone to read it and think "what? I have so many memories from when I was that age" or something. Thanks in advance!
Tags: ~languages (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)
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