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The history of feline castration

Question: When did people start castrating/neutering male cats? I don't need to know the exact year or anything, but rather a rough estimate in centuries.

Setting: A fairy tale-ish world. Since that includes magic and such I suppose I could wing the whole castration issue (I swear to God this isn't as dodgy as it might sound), but since the world is sorta medieval in style I'd like to keep that particular bit of history correct.

Search terms: I've tried any number of variations on "feline castration history" and "first cat neutering" and so forth. I have a bunch of cat books as well, but none of them mention the history behind the practice.

I can't shake the feeling that this might very well be a really dumb question -- a part of me feels that cat castration has be a very recent thing, while another thinks that it must've been going on forever. So, I apologize in advance if that is indeed the case.
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