Shanghai Jim (shanghai_jim) wrote in little_details,
Shanghai Jim

Baptist ministers and clerical collars

Searched: "clerical collar", "Baptist minister clerical collar"

Setting: U.S., early 1950's, but general info is also welcome.

Simple question for a fanfic: is it ever heard of for a Baptist minister to wear a clerical collar? From what I've gathered, the Baptists (particularly the Southern Baptists) don't cotton to such things.

To be more specific, my character is a young man who just became a minister in the Free Will Baptist Church of West Virginia. He's meeting some old buddies for the first time since he became a minister, and I want them to see him and stare at some visual cue that "OMG you're a preacher now?!" If it would be really anathema for a Baptist minister like him to wear a clerical collar, what other visible sign could he show? (He is not bringing around his Bible, it's an army reunion.)
Tags: ~religion: christianity (misc)

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