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A very strange custody battle.

So, a character in one of my stories eventually gets caught in the middle of a very difficult custody battle. A lot of the buildup might seem a little far-fetched, but all I'm really asking for is the details of how custody might work, and the condition of state care.

Character in question is in his early-to-mid teens, white male. He resulted from an experiment and thus there was no legal record of him (no birth certificate, SS#, etc). As a young child (eight or nine years old) he lost his memory, and was subsequently kidnapped and raised by a wanted felon. The child's "real" father, who is in his early seventies, shares no genetic material with his son and can't actually prove his paternity.

It's pretty obvious that the kid isn't going back with the escaped felon, but what would the court do with the child? Could his "real" father win custody of him, or would he be put into State Care? And if State Care is the result, what is it like to be a ... ward of the state, I think that's the word? Where would you live, what would it be like, what would you go through each day?

Thank you in advance, everyone ^_^
Tags: ~custody & social services
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