~*~*~me~*~*~ (rebelintosanity) wrote in little_details,

Draft exemptions for the Vietnam War

I'm forming headcanon for one of my characters and have realized that he was just about the right age to have been drafted to serve in Vietnam.  At the time of the '69 lottery, though, he would have been preparing to enter the police academy (even if he couldn't have entered because he wasn't quite old enough - AFAIK required age in the LAPD was 21).  I know that college students and people in certain occupations were able to receive draft exemptions.  He wouldn't have been a college student, but what options would there have been for occupations?  Or would the "preparing to enter school" have been enough?

I looked through pretty much everything on Wikipedia relating to US conscription, especially during Vietnam, and the draft lottery.  Google search strings: vietnam america draft OR conscription exemptions police.
Tags: usa: military: historical

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