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Pet names

I have absolutely no idea how to google for this.

I have a character who is Scottish. What kind of pet name/nickname would he use for someone? Um, along the lines of if he was a Geordie he'd call people pet, if he was from the Stoke area it would be duck etc etc.

ETA - both are male. It's a mentor/protege kind of relationship (although it's now romantic that's really new, the mentor/protege thing goes back more than a decade and I'm thinking the kind of thing he'd have used then). And he's from Glasgow.

Sorry should have mentioned them both being male before, duck and pet are gender neutral so I didn't think of it.

ETA2 - Got one thanks. And I just had it pointed out to me that in a totally different fandom Carson Becket calls *everyone* lad or lass or wee something or other, which is the kind of level of thing I was going for, so I think one endearment in private between them isn't going to suddenly sound ooc (as long as we avoid anything sappy, which I was intending to anyway). Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

of course if she'd pointed that out yesterday I wouldn't have needed to post anyway.
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