Aja (imayb1) wrote in little_details,

If he dies with the most toys, who wins them?

Legal question: Present day, U.S. (Michigan)

An older man dies suddenly with no will and no next of kin. What happens to his property (real estate, possessions)?

I suspect his things become the property of the city or state in which he lived, but please correct me if I'm wrong. (Answer: The State gets it.) Also, what government office handles such a thing? (Answer: Probate Court) Would the aforementioned possessions be auctioned or otherwise liquidated and if so, by whom? (Answer: It is held by the State Treasurer under the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act.)

Thank you to all who helped me find the answers! The legal terms in particular were very helpful.

Edit: I've looked up various combinations of legal/law, property, and "without heir" but I kept getting stories and facts about European nobility, even when I added "U.S.". I tried a couple of law FAQ sites and looked at wills and inheritance, but they weren't helpful, either.

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