kdorian (kdorian) wrote in little_details,

Horse saddles

Setting: Pre-Renaissance Europe equivalent.

Our Hero has been pushed into a large creek by his companion (who felt he was being a jerk). Assume he was, if only briefly, completely submerged. He's soaking wet, and got rather muddy as well climbing out of the water. There are no clean and/or dry clothes available, nor a handy fire for him to dry them, and they have to travel quite a ways before dark.

It's early to mid summer, so while he might be very uncomfortable, being wet will not itself be a hazard.

Question: Will getting in the saddle soaking wet damage the saddle? If so, how dry would he need to be before he could risk mounting, given that he won't have access to a replacement saddle for a month or more?

Edit: Got it, thanks!
Tags: ~animals: horses

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