freak out, far out, in out (hobbit_feets) wrote in little_details,
freak out, far out, in out

Housing in Berlin in 1994

I'm looking for where a student going to university in Berlin in 1994 might live- he hasn't got much money, so it needs to be somewhere cheap.  It doesn't really matter where he's going to school, just anywhere in Berlin.  Were there any particular areas of the city that were popular for student housing?  Cheap blocks of flats or something similar, perhaps?   Also, how much might rent for such a place be?  The student in question is British, if that makes any difference, but he does speak fluent German.

I've tried Googling 'Berlin housing cheap,' 'Berlin student housing,' 'Berlin housing 1994' and any number of combinations thereof, and have thus far got nothing. 
Tags: germany (misc), ~real estate

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