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"Suo Gan" transliteration from Welsh

Searched: "Suo Gan", "Suo Gan + transliteration"

(The former search yielded the Wikipedia page, lyric websites, and performances from Charlotte Church to Nana Mouskouri (?) as well as the one I know. The latter yielded mostly Chinese-English transliteration services.)

I'm interested in a transliteration of the Welsh lyrics of this song to English. The Wikipedia page for the song gives a translation into singable English verse, but I'm not sure if that's a direct transliteration of what the Welsh is saying.

The phrase is the last one:

Gwen'an dawel yn fy mynwes/ Ar yr engyl gwenion draw

The English lyric translation was:

Angels smiling, have no fear/ Holy angels guard your rest

Which is meant to rhyme with preceding verses. Is this accurate? What would the Welsh mean if there was no need to create rhyming English verse?

Tags: ~languages: celtic

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