ivorysilk (ivorysilk) wrote in little_details,

Gun stuff

Um, this is the first time I'm posting, and this question is somewhat lame, but ...

I need a cool gun for a character.

I have no idea about guns. I need something for a female weapon-carrying for stealthy type uses kind of thing, but that others who know about guns will find impressive, not boring. Something efficient and practical, and yet cool. In car terms (not that I know so much about cars, either, but let's pretend), I want more exciting than a Volvo or Corolla, less flashy than a Ferrari and less finicky than a Jag, sort of quietly cool and practical yet not common--like a Porsche or a higher end BMW. Suggestions?

I'm hoping this question makes sense. It very possibly does not ...
Tags: ~weapons: firearms

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