yankeedandyfan (yankeedandyfan) wrote in little_details,

Russian nicknames, and cold war insults

Hey, two questions.

1.)    I have character A, who's the surrogate uncle/big brother type to Character B, and I'm looking for a teasing nickname he can call Character B. A is from Russia, so I want a word in Russian that can either be abut B's short stature, or the fact B looks rather feminine. Even something like "dove" or "princess" would be fine, unless it has negative connotations, like "fairy" would in English. I’ve tried searching for “Russian nicknames” but that just gives the nicknames from Russian names, and as B’s name isn’t Russian, that won’t work.


2.)    In the early 1980's was there any discrimination or rude insults to Russians living in the US?  My character is in grade school, and his mother is from the USSR, so would his classmates have any insults for him, like American Germans had to deal with during WWI? No clue what to google on this one.

Tags: ~languages: russian, ~names

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