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Portrait painting times

Hello, it's me again. I tried to search the tags for this comm (Painting, portrait, oil paint, etc) and I tried Google (portrait+paint+time) and other variations. I'm pretty sure this was answered recently but I couldn't find it and I really don't know what to Google for an answer to this, any hints would be appreciated.

Time is present, setting is USA.

How long would it take to pain a portrait with oil paints? Canvas size would be approx. four feet by three feet. There isn't a lot of intricate detail (one guy leaning against a red wall, most of the portrait is wall with the figure taking up the last quarter, or fifth of the canvas) and I'm not sure what else to say.

Would it be realistic to have the portrait done in one session or would the artist require the model to return to pose again? Could the portrait be finished from memory if the model wasn't handy for the next day? Is there a time period you have to wait between one attempt and another? (Like, does the oil paint have to dry completely before another layer is added? And if so, how long Would that take along central, northern United States in the twilight of summer?)

Mostly, I just want to know what the time frame would be for such a portrait. Any help would be appreciated.

E.T.A. from comments:
Mostly, I just didn't want to say something like "It was done the next day!" and have people say "uhh... that's impossible."

Four hours of the model posing and them talking while the artist paints the portrait is the first session. He was an artist in school but gave up the dream when he realized it wasn't that easy to make money as he'd thought. He's done portraits before (quite a few) and has so far only painted things like a camera would take the shot. Would a week and two sittings be far fetched, or more balanced in reason and possibility?

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