The Guindo (theguindo) wrote in little_details,
The Guindo

Of motion sickness between cars and motorcycles

So, I've got this character who's from a time period when the hope of even the dream of cars does not exist, and by twist of fate he ends up on a completely different plane of existence that happens to have a very modern tech level (complete with, of course, automobiles of all sorts).

I have no idea how to google this or even if it could be googled, but regarding motion sickness and carsickness specifically, I've already decided he gets terribly carsick, either due to natural inclination, the driver's terrible habits (and she is quite terrible), or...whathaveyou?

My question is, do people who suffer from carsickness typically also get the same motion sickness feeling riding on the back of a motorcycle with somebody? Or will motorcycles be tolerable (or does it depend on having a good driver)?

My mom gets carsick, but I know it doesn't really affect her if she's riding shotgun or driving, so I'd think you'd be okay on a motorcycle? But I'm not sure, and she's never really rode on the back of one so I can't ask her.

[Edit] Sounds like the answer is no, motion sickness on the back of a motorcycle is highly unlikely. That's the answer I was hoping for!

Thanks for the help, guys!
Tags: ~cars, ~motorcycles

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