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nearer than the moon am i to you

Spirits/Ghosts/Faries in Malaysia

Kind of a long shot, but...

A few years ago, I was on an island in Malaysia, going on a hike through a forest, and smelled a flower (or some other sort of plant material). I didn't see the flower, but I could definitely smell it, as could my parents. It was sweet smelling, what my mother termed "wangi" in Malay. At any rate, we asked the guide what it was, and he wouldn't talk about it. When we got out of the forest onto the beach, he basically said that it had to do with spirts/ghosts/fairies (I don't remember which one), and not to talk about it. So my question is this, what exactly was he referring to in folklore? A certain type of ghost? A certain type of fairy? Is there somewhere I could read more about this? I've Googled variations on "wangi, ghost/fairy/spirit" and "sweet smelling, ghost/fairy/spirit" as well as read most of the Wikipedia articles relating to Malysian folklore. Anyone know what I'm looking for? Thanks.
Tags: malaysia: folklore

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