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Military Radio Transmissions

My current story is set in the middle of a war, which unfortunately for me means a great deal of military terminology I know almost nothing about. You'll probably see me popping up with questions related to this a few times before I'm done.

The military in this story is from a fictional country in a fictional world, but seems to me to have several parallels to say...the modern American military, though not as technologically advanced. So while I'm sure I could get away with winging it, I'd like be as accurate as possible.

My question is this:

An officer is bringing two important individuals to an outpost near the front. When they're about fifteen minutes away, he radios ahead to let them know that they're almost there. Who would be on the other end to pick up? What would the conversation be like? Would it make a difference if he was familiar with the person on the other end?

I googled things like: Military radio, military radio transmissions, military radio protocol, and while I found a few interesting tidbits, I couldn't find an answer to my question.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! ^^
Tags: usa: military (misc), ~military (misc)

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