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Anthropomorphic reptile diet

I've been dwelling on that subject for a while now and I was wondering if perhaps other reptile owners would like to share their ideas with me. The character I've created is an alien, but basically an athropomorphic reptile. Bit of a mix between a lizard and a turtle. I was wondering, if this character lived in our time and society, what kind of a diet would he have?

I know that reptiles feed on insects, small animals, berries, leaves, vegetables etc. All sorts of things. I own a tortoise and he's a herbivore, so that's not very helpful, but I know what carnivore reptiles eat, too, of course. However, how would this translate into our world? I can't imagine an anthro lizard popping open a container of crickets and munching away. What kind of food stuffs do you think would be appropriate and healthy for an anthro lizard? What kinds of foods should he definitely avoid, what should he eat a lot of (and be told by his parents to do so)? And what would he be fed as a baby?

Ideas anyone? Thanks!

Edit: I should add that we're talking about one individual here. So it's not like there are large quantities of aliens on earth now. It's rather a single one that has to find a sufficient and acceptable food source here on earth. Also, it should be somewhat socially acceptable for other humans. Of course he could sit at the table and bite off a live rat's head, but I doubt the other humans present would be so keen on watching that.
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