alol (kissingmyelbow) wrote in little_details,

Greeting an Hassidic Jew on the street

Setting: NYC, from 1990 to about now.

My character is a lapsed Jew, raised fairly orthodox. Despite not being actively Jewish for about ten years, he still knows to be respectful to his elders. I just want to know how he'd greet an Hassidic Jewish type on the street in a way that is polite if not particularly familiar, because while he isn't particularly reverent he still has respect for those who are. I know a lot of people tend to be pretty disrespectful (i.e., playing chicken with them) and because of that I think he'd be extra polite.

I admit I have no real idea how to google this, and I kind of wanted a more personal opinion anyway, so.
Tags: ~religion: judaism

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