Marina (sabrina_il) wrote in little_details,

opinions of 25 years old Canadians about the middle east

Ok, so, my character is Canadian. He's about 25, an astrophycist, about to get his PhD (he started college at 16). He's from the Ontario area, got his undergrand around there somewhere and probably got his M.A. at MIT or another american university. He's an atheist.

He travels to Israel for the first time, to do some research/whatever at the Haifa Technical Institute in Israel and I need to know what his innitials expectations about the country/region would be like, assuming he didn't do extensive research about it beforehand. I'm trying to write how he would react to certain aspects of the culture/lifestyle/etc. but in order to do that I need to know what his expectations are, going in.

Would it matter if his family was vaguely Jewish (his grandmother was Jewish but she'd died when he was born)? Or if his family is non-Jewish?

I... know very little about Canada. I spent like 10 days there and I was on the French side which doesn't help me with this character. If anyone knows of any Canadian resource comms where I can ask people questions about peoples' personal experiences, cultural refrences, regional differences and what have you, please let me know, I've looked all over LJ and have so far come up with nothing.
Tags: canada (misc), middle east (misc)

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