Ruthanne Reid (ruthannereid) wrote in little_details,
Ruthanne Reid

Shattering or Tearing Silver Shackles

Hello! I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate lurking this incredibly informative community. I've finally come across a (somewhat bizarre) question that I'm unable to solve on my own, and I hope someone here can help me.

I'm writing a novel in which there is a character with immese physical strength. At one point, he comes across a comrade who has been tied with shackles similar to this:

However, instead of iron or steel or something sensible, these shackles (the shackles themselves, not the chain) are made of silver.

My question is this: I'm sure my character has the strength to remove those shackles; what I don't know is how the silver would respond to him applying force using his fingers.

Would they shatter? Would they tear like foil? Would they flatten like playdoh? Would they just snap? I'm aware that the part that would likely shatter (or tear, etc.) first would be the joints and closures, but this character is, to put it mildly, panicking, and so he's going to just grip the shackles between fingers and thumbs and pull. I really need to know what would happen to the bands of the shackles themselves.

I've tried Googling all kinds of things regarding silver, including stress point, stress fracture, shatter, break, crush, and I've found nothing. I really hope you can help!

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