Random Musings of a Junior Zoalord (ingriam) wrote in little_details,
Random Musings of a Junior Zoalord

Weapons and monsters...

The "soldiers" that the unit is fighting are special bio-engineered creatures, each with the strength of 10 men, on average. Some of them, though, have 15 times human strength, and the strongest has 60 times human strength. They, or at least most of them, are also equipped with armor-like skin designed to resist most kinds of bullets.

They're also engineered to have sub-dermal soft tissue that further protects them against impacts. There are several thousand of these creatures, called Zoanoids, deployed around the world. Zoanoids are made by taking humans,
voluntarily or... otherwise, and submitting them to a process that changes them at the genetic level.

The humans retain their human forms, but at the same time they gain the ability to change into a Zoanoid.

Though not many in the unit know it, there's also a special class of Zoaform called a Zoalord. There are only 13 of these beings, formerly human just like the Zoanoids, on the planet. They have an ability that more than makes up for their low numbers: they can control Zoanoids with their minds. They also have the ability to see through the eyes and hear through the ears of their Zoanoids.

This is why the unit is so large. Their still hopelessly outnumbered, though, but they don't quite know that yet.

What kind of weapons do you think the unit would use to fight, given what kind of opponents they have?
Tags: ~military (misc), ~weapons (misc)
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