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Drugged/Poisoned Murder

I'm currently in the process of writing a Monk fan fic for a Valentines Day Challenge. I plan to have a murder, where the murder attempts to make the death look like a suicide. I figured the best way was to either have the victim drugged a lethal overdose or have them poisoned, but I don't want external symptoms.

Through research I found out the most readily available poison is in the form of warfarin (rat poison). Based off of those percentages, how would I fit in human weight? If the person was around 130 lbs? It says the typical death occurs within 3-4 days, so would one triple the amount to get a quick result? From other research I heard that rat poison can cause hemorrhaging, so that could potentially lead to external bruising?

I was looking up different sedatives and I came across Diazepam, which has been prescribed for insomnia. While reading about overdose on it, I found out with alcohol it becomes lethal if not treated. I tried searching "diazepam"overdose"time length" and "diazepam"kill time" I think my problem with searching for the amount of time for the drug to become lethal is what makes it hard for me. From what I found a diazepam related death can show know visible symptoms.

So how would I go about finding the length of time for the victim to die? Would they be able to be dead within a few hours? And of the two options which would be the less visible and noticeable at first? Diazepam?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Tags: ~medicine: poisoning

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