Oh, Snap! (kutsuwamushi) wrote in little_details,
Oh, Snap!

MOD POST: announcement about deleted posts

Because the trend of deleting posts has continued, I'm going to be tracking all posts in the community, and taking action against posters who delete when I feel it's appropriate. As I explained last time, I'll be judging on an individual basis whether or not a deletion was okay, but in general, deleting because you want to shut people up is bad.

So here is my advice if you're concerned about being reprimanded or banned unfairly:

1. If it can wait, you can contact me explaining your reasons for wanting to delete, and then abide by my decision.
2. If it can't wait, you can delete and then contact me explaining why you done it.

If I don't hear from you about a deleted post, I'll try to gather information on why it was deleted, and if I think the situation is unclear I'll be contacting you. If I can't contact you, I'll ban you temporarily to get your attention, so you can contact me asking "WTF WHY WAS I BANNED. ;_;"

Members who notice a deleted post, it would help me out if you contact me and tell me what was going on, if for example it seemed like there was fighting in the comments or if the poster was getting criticized. Comments are much more of a hassle to track than entries.

Okay, now is when you get to ask questions.

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